Welcome to Arlington Public Art, an activist group of artists and citizens working to be the catalyst for public art in the Town of Arlington, MA. Arlington Public Art (APA) is a subcommittee of the Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture (ACAC) under the auspices of the Town of Arlington.


This summer we welcome accomplished artist Freedom Baird to Arlington for a residency on the Minuteman Bikeway.  Baird has created a work called "Room to Grow" – an outdoor space with sculptural furnishings retrieved from the trash and native plantings.  The artist will be on site for 8 Sunday afternoons, tending the garden and engaging in conversations about the environment, sustainability, and the interactions between humans and nature.  More


Check out two installations commissioned for PATHWAYS projects along the Minuteman Bikeway in the Cultural District:

  • Colony, a sculpture by Christopher Frost wrapped around the trunk of a tree where the Minuteman crosses Linwood Street near Spy Pond.
  • Extraordinary Ordinary Birds, a series of postcards with portaits of neighborhood birds by Resa Blatman and pithy tips by Ellen Reed to get you started with bird watching and stewardship in your own back yeard.  Cards are available for free pick up in plexi boxes mounted on a section of chain link fence edging the Minuteman between Linwood and Swan Place.
  • Dots & Dashes, 60+ colorful circles made of painted plywood, originally created by Johnny Lapham for installation along Mass. Avenue as part of his project connecting Arlington Service Station with his installation in the bus shelter on the same block.  In keeping with our Town's goal of zero waste, Johnny has recycled these elements into a new work responding to the terrain and vegetation along the Minuteman between Linwood Street and Lake Street.


The rainy weather last fall washed the painted poems of Bikeway Haiku off the Bikeway more quickly than we expected, and prevented us from installing all of the poems!  So, you will get another chance to enjoy some of the short poems written by the community and inspired by the creatures – birds, animals, insects and people – and environment of the Bikeway.  We started at Uncle Sam's plaza and will be working west, towards Lexington.  Take a look!



The Kickstand Cafe is hosting an installation of 12 poems originally written for Bikeway Haiku.  The poems are placed using vinyl letters in the upper area of the storefront windows of the Cafe. Enjoy poetry with your morning coffee!  The Kickstand is in Arlington Center at 594 Mass Avenue, right near the entrance of the Bikeway.


2019 CHAIRFUL WHERE YOU SIT was an enormous success thanks to the generosity of Arlington artists and craftivists and the leadership of organizer Adria Arch.  An amazing assortment of beautiful chairs were on disply, transformed from orphans found on the curb and destined for the landfill. We raised 4,000 towards our public programs.  A huge thank you to everyone involved!

Arlington Public Art has been awarded grants by the Arlington Cultural Council, a local agency funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and directly by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to support Pathways: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway.  We are grateful for their continuing support!


Would you like to see more art in the streets, parks, public buildings and other public spaces in Arlington?  Please get involved and support our work.  Sign up to volunteer or attend our quarterly meetings (please check the Town of Arlington calendar to find out when and where). Questions? arlpublicart@gmail.com


You can support Arlington Public Art's work with an on-line tax-deductible contribution to the Town of Arlington's Public Art Fund here.  Donations of $250 or more are thanked with a limited edition print of one of Resa Blatman's vivid oil painting portraits of a cardinal, chickadee, or baltimore oriole.  Thank you!