Welcome to Arlington Public Art, an activist group of artists and citizens working to be the catalyst for public art in the Town of Arlington, MA.  Arlington Public Art (APA) is part of the Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture (ACAC) under the auspices of the Town of Arlington.


Pathways:  Art on the Minuteman Bikeway
APA is partnering with the Arlington Commission on the Arts and Culture to commission temporary works of art for a section of the Bikeway.  This June, 3 pieces will be unveiled;  2 more commissions will be installed in September.  It's all part of the celebration of the Bikeway's 25th Anniversary!

The 2nd Annual Fox Festival Parade
We are collaborating with the Fox Library, Thompson School and Capitol Square Business Association to create a festive tribute to the library, community, creativity, and urban wildlife during at the Feast of the East on June 17 in Capitol Square.  Make a flag, mask, costume or sign inspired by foxes and other neighborhood wildlife and join in. Help us spread the message that we must take steps to protect the animal and bird habitat in Arlington and beyond!

Join us!
Would you like to see more art in the streets, parks, public buildings and other public spaces in Arlington?  Please get involved and support our work.  Sign up to volunteer or attend our quarterly meetings (please check the 
Town of Arlington calendar to find out when and where). Questions? arlpublicart@gmail.com