Welcome to Arlington Public Art, an activist group of artists and citizens working to be the catalyst for public art in the Town of Arlington, MA. Arlington Public Art (APA) is a subcommittee of the Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture (ACAC) under the auspices of the Town of Arlington.


Bikeway Haiku:  Haiku Hangout on September 29, 11 to 3
at Uncle Sam Plaza, Minuteman Bikeway in Arlington Center

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Minuteman Bikeway and the launch of Bikeway Haiku! 10 miles, 110 haiku poems -- written by the community. inspired by the nature and social life of the Bikeway, and stenciled on the path! There will also be music in three areas as Arlington celebrates Minuteman Bikeway Day; full schedule here.

Here's a sample of Bikeway Haiku:

Welcome these haikus
On our beloved bikeway.
Let's call them "baikus."
– Steve Baggish

You, your dog and I
watch swans on green pond guard young
with fierce love, like yours.
– Ellen Vlliet Cohen

Small child in tutu
pedaling furiously
tiny spurt of joy
– Beth Kress

Frowning faces fuss
about the endless rains
worms and slugs rejoice
– Annie Hewitt

A chipmunk darts out
I miss him by a sliver
Rodent redemption
– Dan Leonard

At the Haiku Hangout, our friends from Cambridge Typewriter Co., Inc. will have vintage typewriters for you to bang or peck out your own haiku. Find out more about the project, and get writing tips from some wonderful local poets who have helped make Bikeway Haiku happen: Jessie Brown Charles Coe Cathie Desjardins, Gloria Mindock.  Meet project leaders
Cecily Miller and Liz LaManche.

Across the street, one of our sponsors Aeronaut Arlington will be serving up beer in Whittemore Park and rollicking live music. The Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee will be there at a table to talk about all things bikes and bicycling with you.

More live music will be in Spy Pond Park, where Christopher Frost will be putting final touches on a fantastical new work of public art; look for the man in a tree next to the Bikeway at the Linwood Street entrance! A third stage will be located near Trader Joe's store on the Bikeway in Arlington Heights.

Huge thanks to the folks who made Bikeway Haiku possible, including sponsors Aeronaut Arlington, Artist & Craftsman Supply - Cambridge, MA, and the Alt National Park Service, along with the incredible volunteer Bike Committees of Arlington, Lexington and Bedford who have been so generous with time and expertise. Thanks also to the wonderful Robbins Library and the libraries in Lexington and Bedford who joined with us to offer workshops and promote this opportunity to write poetry, and to the Munroe Center for the Arts for invaluable outreach in Lexington!

AND THANKS TO MORE THAN ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTED MORE THAN 460 HAIKU POEMS TO OUR PROJECT! An outpouring of creativity and love for the Bikeway and all its creatures.

Pathways:  Art on the Minuteman Bikeway

For the second year, APA and the Arlington Commission on the Arts and Culture will commission temporary works of art for a section of the Bikeway in Arlington's newly designated Cultural District.  We are focusing on a 1/2 mile area that goes by Spy Pond and connects East Arlington and Arlington Center.  Artist Resa Blatman and environmental educator Ellen Reed have collaborated on a set of cards with portraits of "extraorinary ordinary birds" and tips to get you  bird watching on the Bikeway and helping birds in your own back yard.  Christopher Frost has created "COLONY," an enchanging miniature village perched in the branches of a large tree at the Linwood Street entrance to the Bikeway.   Stay tuned for more news to come, including an artist talk hosted by our friends at 13FOREST GALLERY.

If you are an artist who has ideas for a PATHWAYS project, please contact Cecily Miller at cecily.apa@gmail.com.


Arlington Public Art has been awarded a grant from the Arlington Cultural Council, a local agency funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, to support Pathways: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway.  We are grateful for their continuing support!


Would you like to see more art in the streets, parks, public buildings and other public spaces in Arlington?  Please get involved and support our work.  Sign up to volunteer or attend our quarterly meetings (please check the Town of Arlington calendar to find out when and where). Questions? arlpublicart@gmail.com