Our annual fundraiser and temporary art installation of re-imagined chairs will be Saturday, June 16  from 12 to 4 pm, part of the annual Feast of the East in Capitol Square, Arlington MA.

Check out our Facebook page we post sightings of free available chairs around Arlington!

The deadline for applying to Chairful Where You Sit is June 1, 2018. 

  • review the FAQ
  • pay a $10 application fee

    How do I submit?

    Go to the  donation page on the Town of Arlington's website. Click on "Make a Donation", click on "Donate", then scroll down to the "Public Art Fund" and fill out the form.  Submit $10 with a credit card for each registration. (You may enter more than one chair, but each chair requires a $10 fee.) You will then receive an email from our staff to welcome you and send you further instructions about dropping off your completed chair.

  • You can also mail a $10 check made out to the Town of Arlington. Mail your check to Adria Arch, c/o Chairful Where You Sit, 41 Mary St., Arlington, MA 02474. Please include your full name, your address, a cell number and email address

You may choose whether to donate 100% of the sale or 75%  and receive $25 if your chair sells.

As in previous years, there will be People's Choice Awards!

Artists are asked to agree to the following conditions: 

  • I understand that my work will be exposed to the weather, and I will not hold APA responsible for damage, theft or vandalism.
  • I understand that members of the public may be handling and/or sitting on my chair, and I will not hold APA responsible for damage or other problems that may occur.
  • I will drop off my chair during Sat. June 16 drop-off hours of 8 to 11 am, and will pick it up promptly at the end of the exhibition if it is unsold.
  • I give APA permission to use photos of my work in any publicity to promote APA or Chairful Where You Sit.