Chairful Where You Sit 2018

Chairful Where You Sit, now in its sixth year, is a community art project and fundraiser for Arlington Public Art, a subcommittee of the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture. We invite you to find an old chair destined for the trash or stashed in your basement or attic, then reinvent it with creativity! Visit our blog to see examples of past years' entries.

Over the past five Chairful exhibitions, we estimate that we've saved about 300 chairs from the trash, and we've made many people grateful and happy to have an original, one of a kind chair for their home.

This year, we'll be part of Capitol Square's annual Feast of the East on Massachusetts Ave., Saturday June 16 from 12 to 4 pm.

Funds raised will help to pay for Arlington Public Art's programs and projects,helping to make Arlington an exciting and beautiful town to live in.




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