Who may participate?

  • Artists who are 14 and older may participate, even if you have never painted a chair before!
  • A Chairful chair may be completed by one person, or may be a collaborative effort.
  • Ages 14 and under may participate with an adult as a team.
  • You do not have to live in Arlington to participate.
  • Groups are encouraged to participate! Why not your scout troop, afterschool club, or book club?!

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, there is an entry fee of $10 per chair, payable with your application to participate. You can make your payment online or via check by mail. Please see our APPLY page for details.

 What kind of chair may I use?

 You can use any kind of chair – from kid’s-size chairs to rocking chairs, desk chairs, stools, etc. We love surprises and creativity! The better condition and more creative your chair is, the more likely it will sell. We prefer that you find a chair that was destined for the trash pick up or stashed in the basement.

Where can I find a used chair?

The best finds are often right in front of you! Check out your neighborhood before the weekly trash pickup, ask your neighbors, or look in your attic or basement. Look for announcements on social media.  If all else fails, Chairful curators can help connect you with a chair.

What is allowed in terms of re-inventing a chair?

You may reinvent a used chair by painting, construction, collage or other means, as long as the chair is SAFE to sit on and still usable as a chair. If you use collage, please make sure that you use acrylic adhesive and you use several coats of varnish on top.

Does my chair have to be waterproof?

Chairs must be able to survive summer weather events like intense heat or rainstorms and dew.

Are all chairs accepted for the installation?

Yes, all chairs submitted will be part of the exhibit/installation UNLESS they do not meet the requirements of being sit-table, safe and weather proof.*

Can I submit more than one chair?

Yes, you may submit up to three chairs, but you must submit a registration fee for each chair.

What if my chair isn’t purchased?

You may pick up your unsold chair at the end of the exhibit or you may donate it to APA to use in our publicity and fundraising throughout the year.

What kind of paint should I use?

Acrylic house paint makes a great base coat.  Ask your friends or neighbors for donations of unused house paints, or go on the Arlington Freecycle. If your chair is unpainted, a primer coat of white house paint, sprayed or brushed on, is suggested. Acrylic paint is fine for detail work.

Are there reasons a chair might not be accepted for the exhibit?

The curators of Chairful Where You Sit reserve the right to turn down a submission if it is inappropriate for family viewing, if it appears to be unsafe or may be unable to survive the elements.