Haiku received

Haiku received


A huge thank you to everyone who has sent us their haiku poetry! We will keep adding to this page as we receive new poems; poems are arranged alphabetically by FIRST NAME.  In August we will select about 100 to stencil along the Bikeway in Arlington, Lexington and Bedford using a temporary chalk based paint which should last 2-3 months and then disappear.  We hope to have all the poems in place by mid-September, in time for the big celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Minuteman Bikeway with live music and other activities on Saturday, September 29, 2018.


Bikepath in summer
Birds chirp and mullberries bloom
Flowers grow brightly
    – Aadya, 12 years old, Hogwarts (!)

On my bike again
Off to enjoy the lovely
Green tunnel.  I go!
    – Abbi Hafer, Bedford

Turtles large and small
Sunning themselves and swimming.
I pause and watch them.
    – Abbi Hafer, Bedford

Birds sing, chipmunks run,
I walk, we walk, we all walk,
Through the Minuteman!
    – Aditi Subramanian, age 8, Stratton Elementary School, Arlington

Nature's gift to us,
Is what we take for granted,
Let us treasure it !
    – Aditi Subramanian, age 8, Stratton Elementary School, Arlington

It is where we walk,
Talk and ride our bicycles,
Its the Minuteman!!
    – Aditi Subramanian, age 8, Stratton Elementary School, Arlington

Black-Capped Chickadee,
Chirping, lovely, in treetops,
Oh, you make me smile.
    – Alexa Boyes

Bike chains click away
squeaky wheels, too, won’t stop us:
pedal fast toward peace.
    – Alexandra Kesick, Arlington

Birds stuffed in gold nests
eyes wide like worlds we’ve not seen
mouths unhinged to eat.
    – Alexandra Kesick, Arlington

Asphalt beneath us
what we create and let go
a train for a path.
    – Alexandra Kesick, Arlington

The wind in my hair
The trees surrounding us
Spy Pond is sparkling
    – Alyssa

What once scratched and rattled this path ago
Sound pedal complete with smiles that still last
Journeys that honor the present and past.
    – Amos Don, Boston

Summer’s coming yes!
Juice from watermelon yum
This summer is great!
    – Andrew, 9 years old, Hardy Elementary School

A certain terror
laces a baby's crying
who needs to be changed.
– Andrew Bergeron, Arlington

The bikes are coming
forward backward right and left
Close your eyes and pray
    – Andrew Bergeron, Arlington

A still and calm pond,
A wonder of the Bike Path,
The unnoticed tree.
    – Andy Xu

I like the bike path
There are no cars going fast
I shall not die yet
   – Anya, age 14, Ottoson middle school

Afternoon outing
Pedals, wheels, spinning until —
we reach the playground
    — Ashley Dickson, Arlington

Bikes, scooters, strollers,
rollerblades, and skateboards. Or —
just my own two feet.
    — Ashley Dickson, Arlington

Sounds of ringing bells
tell me cyclists want to pass —
proper etiquette
    — Ashley Dickson, Arlington

A river that flows
As bicyclists cut upstream
Lifeblood to our towns
    – Ashley Freeman, Medford


Sunset on Spy Pond
Castles and turrets of clouds
World of light-water
    – anonymous


small child in tutu
pedaling furiously
tiny spurt of joy
    – Beth Kress

moccasins once tread
this old path I walk today
filled with life and goals
    – Beth Kress

parents instruct kids
in different languages
how to ride a bike
    – Beth Kress

we hurtle through space
and splintered streaks of time
moving towards the light
    – Beth Kress

swept along by gusts
at one with moving cosmos
we pedal towards light
    – Beth Kress

body symphony
multiple moving pieces
all in harmony
    – Beth Kress

my lovely commute
through leafy birdsong tunnel
I arrive refreshed
– Beth Kun, Arlington

Such a quiet place
To walk with your grand children
Watching nature bloom
    – Betty L, Arlington


Clean air and quiet.
Past lush trees, fervent flowers
Biking, I feel peace.
    – Carolyn Boettner, Arlington


Ride your bike quickly
And smell the roses slowly
Have a nice journey




    – Catherine Wang


Sunset heron flies
Stirs sparkling stars bounce on the
Mirror-like Spy Pond




    – Catherine Wang


“Spying the Pond”
A city mirage?
Vast sparkling oasis awaits
No Swimming Allowed
    – Christopher Ellinger, Arlington

Walking the bikepath
Restoring us to wellness
Soothing hearts and minds
    – Claire Odom

Riding at top speed
While reading haiku - Oh my!
I'd better watch out!
    – Clifton Lin, Arlington

People walk and run
Everybody plays fun games
Come and play with me
    – Connor, age 7, Hardy Elementary, Arlington


A chipmunk darts out
I miss him by a sliver
Rodent redemption
    – Dan Leonard, Arlington

"Bicycle Ballet"
Round paths, pedals push
Inertia: curve of motion
    – Dana Layne Edmunds

Marching, galloping,
patriots on pavement to
soaring cycle sounds
    – Dana Layne Edmunds

Slice through thick woodland
paths that wind and dip and dive
while spinning wheels glide
    – Dana Layne Edmunds

Sharp-eyed at path’s edge
The old woman plucks the trash
Blooming in the mud
    – Danielle Descoteaux

Walking my bad dog
he lunges at passing bikes
I wish he didn't
    – Deb Rourke, Lexington

Small wobbly bikers
meandering left and right
they learn - we smile
    – Deborah Savage

Air molecules are
swirling twirling in my wake
helpless to stop me
    – Deborah Savage

The great bike path has,
lots of fun and love and sun.
I don't want to leave.
    – Duncan Maloney, age 12 , William Diamond Middle School, Lexington


Glorious Dragon
Setting Sun's Clouds Vanish in
Twilight's Sliver Moon
    – Elizabeth Rocco, Arlington

Golden shaft of sun
lights a lush tunnel for bikes
as green leaves blur by
    – Ellen Vliet Cohen, Arlington

Mornings on the path
old friends share joys and sorrows
step by step through life
    – Ellen Vliet Cohen, Arlington

You, your dog and I
watch swans on green pond guard young
with fierce love, like yours.
    – Ellen Vliet Cohen, Arlington


The swans have cygnets
Such a cozy family
Riding on mom’s back
    – Gail E Goodearl, Arlington

I love the bike path
Riders, walkers, strollers too
People on the move.
    – Gail E Goodearl, Arlington

Mulberry bushes
Drop ripe berries at my feet
Squish squish as I walk.
    – Gail E Goodearl, Arlington

Minutemen fought here
Lives lost, people united,
A new world is born
    – Gerry Frank, Lexington

Have fun with your life
Ride your bikes, scooters, and all
Ride on the bike path
    – Grace Fisher-Smith, Age 12, Diamond Middle School, Lexington

Fast bike zooming by
Left a breeze to cool my walk
Minuteman Bikeway
    – Gwen Chasan, Arlington

I don't want to walk
I said before I started
So breeze carried me
    – Gwen Chasan, Arlington

Bright green leaves above
Shimmy in time to music
Of spinning bike wheels
– Gwen Chasan, Arlington


In any season,
Enjoy your ride, walk, or run.
Just because you can.
-Hannah Kieval, age 12 , William Diamond Middle School, Lexington

Walking with my mom
Talking and laughing with her
Enjoying nature
    – Hannah, 10 years old, Stratton


Focus on the ride
The sun's shining on your face
Then you miss your turn
– Jacob Woolf, age 16, homeschool

On the minuteman
I sold some lemonade there
On the minuteman
    – Jaden, age 9, Dallin

Lots of people bike
They are all going somewhere
They bike all day long.
    – Jonah and Noah, 9 years old, Hardy school

Watch the world go by
Seeing smiling faces
Feeling the wind blow
– Jonathan, Arlington

I live near the path
Love hearing the birds chirping
In the morning at 9 am
– Jonathan, Arlington

Peaceful and quiet place
See gorgeous views of Spy Pond
During all of the Seasons
– Jonathan, Arlington

Reading in motion ...
Is it distracted biking?
Or a good idea?
– Julie Sussman, Arlington

“Heart's Core”
Purple splash of spring
gives us true love lingering;
listen - hear life sing.
– Justine E. Hyland, Waltham, MA

“The Wave”
Gorgeous green nature,
you flash by, my sharp eyes see
joy and quickly glean.
– Justine E. Hyland, Waltham, MA


Let your worries go
Upon the winds that cool you
Find your peace ahead
Kelly, Arlington

sun sets on Spy Pond.
pink, orange, red, deep purple
paint the dark water
– Kathy Conway, Arlington

some days I just need
to be outside - no reason
so I walk the path
– Kathy Conway, Arlington

is that the playground?
I hear giggles, laughter, fun
sobs and crying, too
– Kathy Conway, Arlington

I feel a soft breeze
smell lilacs, as light opens path
know Spy Pond is nigh
– Kathy Conway, Arlington

walked path to/from
Alewife Station, Pleasant Street
ah, the Boys Club loo!
– Kathy Conway, Arlington


A smile reminds me
We're all in this together
There is still hope yet
– Laura, Arlington  

Do you remember
Standing up for what was right
It's always worth it
– Laura, Arlington

Wind is in my face
and I feel like I can fly
time goes flying too
– Leah Savage Woolf, Age 13, Arlington, Carroll School (Lincoln)

Solitary walk
Crickets hum their songs for me
Calling night is near
– Lorri Berenberg, Arlington

Biking round and round
searching the ground for poems,
I spot my haiku!
– Lynn Rosenbaum, Arlington

Babies everywhere
Goslings, cygnets, and infants
Welcome to the world
– Lynn Rosenbaum, Arlington

A green canopy
springs to life creating shade
with dappled sunlight
– Lynn Rosenbaum, Arlington


My house by bike path
I used to sell lemonade
It was so much fun!
    – Madelyn, age 8, Hardy Elementary

Coast, sprint or saunter
Every day it’s your choice
Minuteman bike path
    – Marco

Do you know the sound?
A swan's wing cutting the air
over our great pond
– Margo Stark, Arlington

Surrounded by trees
Biking, walking, or jogging
On a sunny day
– Mari Woolf, age 13, Ottoson School

I walk through the path
See the four legged creature
Its tail is wagging
    – Mia, age 10, Peirce Elementary

Once I drove a bus
Dreaming of life on a leafy path
Two wheels in open air
– Midge Hamilton, for Ralph (30 years with the MBTA), Marlborough

bikeway. steady path
a journey to the future
at least to Bedford
– Molly Froelich, Somerville

a stroll on the path
pure poetry in motion
words come as I walk
   – Molly Froelich, Somerville

slither, glide, sashay
black asphalt, green canopy
this Bikeway moves you
   – Molly Froelich, Somerville


10 miles of wonder
Used to run and sprint and bike
For 25 years
– Nate Voss, Age 12, Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA

Running, biking 'round
A wonderful break I've found
From reality
– Nate Voss, Age 12, Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA


My wheels under me,
Pond whizzing by gleaming light -
Again and again.
– Pamela Powell

Bunnies and chippies
Get outta the way and fast
When bikers come by
– Paul Beninger, Arlington

Why the Minuteman?
Bike, Skate, Run, Walk, Stroll or Ski.
Fun for all seasons.
– Pavlik Mintz, Lexington

Sixteen thirty-five
A village is settled here
Called Menotomy.
– Peter McLoughlin, Arlington

Samuel Wilson
Born a few feet from this path,
The first “Uncle Sam”.
– Peter McLoughlin, Arlington


For twenty-five years
We ride and walk, think and talk
This present moment.
– Peter McLoughlin, Arlington

Just go A to B!
But see people, dogs; sun, snow…
The bike path shows more
    – Puneet


Concrete jungle split
Joy for the community
Jewel in the town’s crown
    – Rajeev Soneja

Walk, bike, run, or fly
The question remains the same:
Where might you be going?
– Robby Williamson

On the path today
Everyone appears to be
– Robby Williamson

Are you still seeking?
This is the asphalt speaking:
Keep up the good work!
– Robby Williamson

Green trees spring, sun gold
red fox, blue jay, black squirrel
I fly by, singing
– Rose Udics, Arlington

Snow hushes the path
bare trees stand as sentinels
the mind turns to calm
– Rose Udics, Arlington

Cycles of life turn
birth to death to birth again
I am riding home
– Rose Udics, Arlington

I am a small dog
I like to run and love when
I run off the path
– Ruby Savage-Woolf (Cockapoo, age 3)


I run, shaded by
A canopy of green leaves.
Listen to my steps.
    – Sara

Ride along and sing
a song of bunnies and squirrels.
Birds will harmonize.
– Sharon

The trains are long gone
But wait - the track’s still alive
New dreams travel here
– Steve Magoun, Arlington

Walk, bike, run, stand, sit
Ribbon of trees, birds, pond, friends
What more could we want?
– Steve Magoun, Arlington

Our path brings us close
To home, to work, to our joys
Even in winter
– Steve Magoun, Arlington

We start from our home
The ice cream is our carrot
We pedal non-stop.
– Strauss-Peukert Family. Arlington

On our bikes we go
Nature helps us be here now
Our selves, part of it.
– Strauss-Peukert Family, Arlington

No fuel, just air
We care for our planet
As we choose to bike
– Strauss-Peukert Family, Arlington

My bike has a light
Now I can fly through the night
Not a care in sight
    – Suzanne


They don't understand
how great it is to be one
with my bicycle
– Tim Woolf


So many people
Going so many places
Each in their own way
    – William Bailey


Bike whizzing down the bikepath
is soon outdistanced
by the pushed baby carriage.
 – X. J. Kennedy, Lexington

Makeup mirror on lake floor
that somebody must
have dropped turns its back on fish.
 – X. J. Kennedy, Lexington


Peaceful and active
Secluded but connecting
Our long treasured path
    – Yi


The dogs are cheerful
They bark and they lick my face
Then I wash my face
    – Zach, age 7, Peirce elementary